Ohm Improvement


Signature Ohm Massage                             60 minutes           $75.00

                                                                    90 minutes           $115.00

A symphony of modalities that may include some or all of the following:

Swedish Massage-the foundation of western massage, it encompasses gliding and kneading strokes in a relaxing sequence benefiting body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage- A more focused and deeper technique designed to access fascia and release restrictions in specific areas.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi - traditional Island style that incorporates long, flowing full body strokes using elbows and forearms. This creates a deeply relaxing and connecting experience.

Thai Massage- A combination of compression, rocking and stretching .Thai is truly a three dimensional experience. Jokingly called "lazy man's yoga", this modality will have you moving like you haven't in years.

Cupping- An ancient tradtion in many cultures, cupping involves the application of glass or plastic cups with suction to the body. The process is not long (15 minutes) but the results are quite effective. The suction draws blood into the muscle, this nourishes the area and also releases any adhesions in the fascia and muscle. The end result is like a deep massage. The down side are round "hickies" that dissipate in a few days. These are a painless after effect.

Tuning Forks- We are all a collection of atoms , humming with vibration. The Ohm fork grounds and settles our mind, body and spirit in a space where healing can occur.